Community Service is a foundational component of

The Stadium Project
The 4,500 seat Ironbound Stadium sat dormant since 1987. It had become an eye sore to the community.  We decided that we would make a positive public statement by cleaning and beautifying the dead Stadium.  As volunteers we got to work and began making our community a better place.  The Ironbound Stadium Project became visible symbol of positive change.  
We began to clean and beautify the Ironbound Stadium as part of our Ironbound/ SBP 2017 Spring Phase class and continued to clean and beautify the Stadium through 2018.  It was an incredible and memorable project.  A great example of volunteers getting together and collectively improving our community.
Please look at the pictures below and watch the amazing time lapse of the Ironbound Stadium Project.  

Time Lapse of the Ironbound Stadium Project

Seasons at the Stadium

Paint for Pink at the Stadium