Our Mission

To develop & deliver educational programs that provide students with SKILLS & TOOLS for their future.

History of Skilz.org

“We started as Ironbound USA in 2012 and have now evolved into SKILZ Dot Org to better reflect our mission of helping students build their skills and tools.  All of IronboundUSA’s innovative educational programs will continue under Skilz.org.  We are proud of where we came from and excited to make an even greater impact in the future”.   Gary Bloore – Founder Skilz Dot
Ironbound USA  was founded by Gary Bloore in 2012 based in Newark, NJ based on the philosophy of brand building.  Many of the same principles used in product development and commercial brand building can be applied to building your personal brand.  Students respond to brands (Nike, Red Bull etc) so we analyze and learn from those brands.  Then take that learning and apply it to each students personal brand.  The students like this concept and respond well to it.    
We focus our efforts on inner city schools where hundreds students in these areas have benefited from our innovative teaching philosophy.  The first Ironbound class was in 2013 with 6 students at Newark Tech High School in Newark, NJ which we called Parallel Product Development (PPD).  And even with the pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year. we had 142 students participate in our latest version called I-PASS (Ironbound -Professional and Social Skills).   

Today we are concentrating the majority of our efforts on scaling the Model 3 Method programs.  We have started out with the Opioid Epidemic (one of the most sinister and most deadly drug epidemics in United States history).  

We have partnered with the NJ Division of the Dreg Enforcement Administration to develop and deliver the Model 3 Opioid awareness program.  


Gary Bloore is the founder Skilz Dot Org and a 20+ year veteran of domestic and international business. He is committed to opening doors for underserved youth through skill development and structured mentoring.

Gary is the lead developer of the Model 3 Method and the Model 3 Opioid Awareness Program.  Prior to Skilz Dot Org, he created and delivered the Ironbound USA (I-PASS programs) personal branding programs to over 1,400 students Newark High School students.  In addition, Gary co-created and designed the Skilz character.   

He holds a BS from the University of Southern California and a MBA from New York University.